Consumer Awareness & Education

Tackling alcohol abuse requires a team approach involving parents, teachers, community organizations, law enforcement officials, the alcohol beverage industry, prevention authorities, beverage retailers and many others. Through the years Anheuser-Busch and its wholesalers like Federal Distributors have built alliances with people and groups in these areas, as well as with state government agencies that have resulted in the positive progress that has been achieved to prevent abuse. And, by working together in the future, we can continue making a difference in the fight against alcohol abuse and illegal underage drinking.

Family Talk About Drinking

Family Talk About Drinking is designed to encourage open and honest communication between parents and children about drinking. Drawing from the advice of authorities in the fields of education, family therapy, and alcohol treatment, the program uses six guidelines on how and when to talk about drinking. To order the Family Talk Guide for Parents just call 1-800-359-TALK.

College Talk About Drinking

The College Talk program helps parents talk to their college-bound student about drinking. This program was developed by an advisory panel of authorities in the fields of education, family therapy, student health and wellness, alcohol treatment, social norms marketing, and with conversations with parents and students. It is distributed free through Anheuser-Bush and its team of wholesalers, including Federal Distributors.


Be A Good Role Model
The example you set as a responsible adult is one of the most important ways you can communicate with your children about drinking.

Be Factual
Give children the facts about drinking in an unemotional and straightforward manner.

Have Clearly Stated Rules
Share your opinions and beliefs about drinking, and then make clearly understood rules and consequences.

Practice Good Parenting
Build your children’s self-esteem, communicate openly and teach responsible decision-making skills.

Know Your Children’s Friends
Be aware of the power of friends to influence your children.

Get Help If You Need It
If you think a sudden change in your child’s behavior may be related to drinking, seek professional advice immediately